Baked ham

Baked ham

Honey Baked Ham baked in a hint of pineapple juice and basted with a deliciously buttery, sticky glaze!

Let the holidays commence with a slice or two of Honey Baked Ham! Juicy and succulent on the within with crispy, charred, sticky edges. The perfect ham for your Christmas dinner table.

Don’t hold back this season! Bake a honey ham with all the suggestions and tricks you need right right here!


There’s nothing easier than baking a boneless or bone in ham for the holidays. Minimal methods and substances can make honey baked ham so satisfying to prepare…with scrumptious buttery honey aromas coming out of your kitchen whilst it bakes!

Homemade baked ham is much much better than keep purchased. You can’t beat obtaining that irresistible sticky glaze to smother all in excess of your baked ham even though it bakes, or for serving.


For this honey baked ham recipe, you’re going to start by putting your ham in pineapple juice. The acid from the fruit keeps the ham juicy and moist even though baking, generating extraordinary flavours to combine by way of with the glaze as you baste.

Glaze and baste each and every 15 minutes right up until you get the body fat rendered and crispy on the outside!

I wish there was smell-ernet happening right about now, since juicy, tender Honey Baked Ham smells just as good as it looks.


For some explanation, this is the most controversial phase — taking the rind off. In testing with the rind even now on, I identified the rind became chewy and gummy as the ham cooled and difficult to consume.

Also, the flavours of the glaze stopped at the rind with no flavours seeping into the fleshy portion of the ham.

For this explanation, I recommend trimming the rind off. Totally cooked ham rind DOES NOT crisp. We experimented with broiling, baking at substantial heat and deep frying.


When you buy your ham, you’ll observe appropriate underneath the rind there is a beautiful layer off excess fat. DON’T trim this away. This body fat turns into a stunning crispy and sticky coating for your glaze and is IRRESISTIBLE.

To show you, I’ve put together the following Easy actions shown in the above collage from our Brown Sugar Mustard Glazed Ham recipe.

  1. Lower a line by way of the skin all about the shank end.
  2. Insert a sharp knife among the rind and unwanted fat and run it along to detach both layers.
  3. Making use of your fingers, gently separate the rind from the body fat. You can insert your hand deeper into the ham to preserve detaching it so it’s easier to peel the rind off in Stage four.
  4. Peel off and discard the rind.
  5. Run knife cutting into the unwanted fat layer about one/four-inch deep to lightly score diamond pattern all above the surface.

As soon as your ham is in the oven, get started on your glaze.


The best glaze for a baked ham contain either honey, brown sugar or maple syrup. The saltiness from the ham and the sweetness from the glaze complement every single other so effectively that both of people elements make for a quite special glaze.

For this honey baked ham, you’re going to use butter, honey and a hint of brown sugar. The acid of the pineapple juice balances out the sweetness from the honey, while the saltiness in the ham offers yet another layer of flavour.

From here you can include in spices like the classic ground cinnamon. I don’t generally add entire cloves to the outside of our ham, but for this recipe they work.

My greatest piece of advice is not to simmer the glaze for as well long, as you will finish up with a hard caramel after it begins to great, and it’s very hard to slather onto the outdoors of the ham when glazing. You want to bring it to a gentle simmer and take it off the heat quickly.

The Greatest part is slicing by means of it like butter, and seeing the juices burst out and run down behind each slice.


Whether you’re producing this for dinner yourself or bringing it to a Vacation gathering, these side dishes will make your crowd even happier!

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