Best crab cake recipe

Best crab cake recipe

This is the greatest crab cake recipe you will ever discover. If you don’t overmix, and don’t pack your mounds too tightly, you will expertise pure, unadulterated crab cake heaven. Significantly, they are that good. Stick to the steps to the letter and you will be generating these cakes every possibility you have. For many years I searched for a excellent crab cake recipe. I wished one that didn’t have a great deal of filler, had no minced red pepper, no parsley—none of the typical crap that chefs generally wreck a great crab cake with. There is, in fact, a appropriate and a wrong way to cook some meals, and putting a whole lot of junk in a crab cake is one of the greatest transgressions I discover in American cookery. Anyway, a single evening about 20 years in the past, my greatest friend’s wife (who is from Baltimore) shared her mother’s secret “country club” recipe for crab cakes. This is it, verbatim. I make these in double batches and put the leftovers in the fridge. If you haven’t eaten a cold crab cake on toast with sliced tomato and Russian dressing, then you are truly missing out.

I also make these as a master batch: Alternatively of just eight, I make 24 to 26 mini donut-hole-dimension crab cakes for events.

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