Couscous recipe

Couscous recipe

Mediterranean couscous salad with a fresh lemon herb dressing. Tiny durum wheat semolina cooks on the stovetop then gets tossed with colorful greens, feta cheese, olives, and garbanzo beans. A healthier side dish that packs a crunch!

This Mediterranean couscous salad strikes the best balance of phytonutrients and fiber-wealthy veggies plus protein that helps make this salad light but satisfying. This vegetarian side dish celebrates the use of fresh and flavorful components with each and every bite delivering a burst of taste.

Couscous is an underutilized pantry item. It’s a staple in areas like Morocco and Northern Africa, but we often neglect how versatile it is to use in our day-to-day meals. The good news if you choose up a package of quick couscous, it only will take 5 minutes to absorb scorching water and flip into tender grains.

Couscous has a beautiful nuttiness and acts like minor sponges, selfishly soaking up the citrus dressing for your advantage. It’s a fantastic remedy when you’re needing a fast and light meal.

How to make Mediterranean couscous

  • Let couscous to soak up hot water until tender.
  • Fluff with a fork and permit to great.
  • Combine with vegetables, garbanzo beans, herbs, and feta.
  • Mix lemon zest, lemon juice, vinegar, salt and pepper.
  • Toss with lemon herb dressing.

Is couscous pasta?

No, couscous is crushed durum wheat semolina that is formed into small spheres. It’s a lot smaller compared to standard Italian pasta. There are distinct sorts of couscous accessible, and based on the dimension can yield a much more delicate or chewier encounter.

How do you cook couscous?

With the instantaneous variety, the stovetop method cooks in just 5 minutes of covered soaking in sizzling water, then it’s ready to add into the salad after cooled. The microwave approach just entails heating water to close to boiling, then stirring in couscous, covering, and sitting until finally light and fluffy. It’s an extremely handy starch to use, that pleasantly absorbs the salad dressing for super flavor bites.

How do you make lemon herb dressing?

A blend of fresh lemon zest and juice, red wine vinegar, herbs, and additional virgin olive oil offers a good tang to the salad. The elements are whisked to produce a swift emulsified dressing.

The recipe makes just sufficient salad dressing to coat the components, but you can often double the sum if you would like to serve much more on the side. If you have further, a couple of slices of lemon to squeeze on top would be nice to serve at the table.

What elements do you add to couscous salad?

To infuse Mediterranean flavors, I add a hearty volume of red bell pepper, red onion, cucumbers, ripe tomatoes, kalamata olives, and feta cheese. Freshly chopped herbs like mint, basil, and parsley add fragrant aromas, while dried oregano adds an earthy taste. Garbanzo beans or chickpeas add a source of vegetarian protein and creaminess.

What do you serve this with?

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Why you need to never boil quick couscous

Immediate Moroccan couscous is pre-cooked, in contrast to the classic varieties. This signifies that you don’t require steady boiling or simmering, otherwise the texture will turn out to be overcooked and mushy. Just a basically stir and sit in hot water will properly cook them.

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