Cucumber tea sandwiches

Cucumber tea sandwiches

Cucumber tea sandwiches make a classic appetizer when entertaining or for showers, brunches and parties.

A single of my favourite things to serve for showers or lunches are cucumber tea sandwiches. A definite classic tiny nibble that positive does disappear quickly.

I remember increasing up and watching Mom make cucumber tea sandwiches for numerous occasions, specifically showers. I was always so impressed that in just a number of minutes she had a beautiful tray of these sandwiches for her parties. I often loved the number of extras she made for my sister and me to test to make positive they were just best.

They are such a wonderful balance of amazing, crisp cucumber with a smooth spread on best of a thin piece of bread with just the best volume of flair for a party. It’s no wonder they have been usually a single of the 1st things to disappear. Mother would occasionally make them with breads like a pumpernickel or rye, but a great thin white bread has often been my favored.

We often really like to serve them as round open-faced bites so you can see the cucumber and so we get to incorporate that pretty little dollop of cream cheese filling on the top with a sprig of dill. I believe it’s just lovely that way, but you can also make them by spreading one side of a piece of bread with your cream cheese filling, leading with cucumbers and yet another piece of bread spread with filling. Then, reduce away any crust on your bread and slice into four equal square bites or two pretty triangles for larger sandwiches. Just have enjoyable with it and discover your favorite way.

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