Green goddess dressing

Green goddess dressing

Do you keep in mind green goddess dressing?

It used to be rather common in the 70s and 80s when I 1st encountered it. If I’m not mistaken it was one particular of the usual dressings for a common California salad with mixed greens, alfalfa sprouts and sunflower seeds, that one could purchase at the aptly named Very good Earth restaurant in Palo Alto.

Green Goddess sounds like a dressing correct out of Marin County central casting, but apparently it was invented in the 20s, by the chef at the Palace Hotel (lovely hotel, still there) in San Francisco, to commemorate the actor George Arliss and his play, The Green Goddess.

Pre-Net, not understanding the provenance of this dressing, all I cared about was that it tasted very good, great adequate to mask the taste of alfalfa sprouts which fortunately individuals don’t eat much of any a lot more, and it was referred to as “green” and “goddess” which appealed to this Birkenstock-sporting hippie wanna-be.

Italian parsley and garlic chives

Rapidly forward to now, and you know what? This dressing is a gardener’s dream. I just picked some herbs from the backyard, pured them with some anchovy paste (vital), lemon juice, garlic, sour cream and mayo.

By the way, this recipe tends to make the sort of dressing that sort of glops on, so you want to toss it in with the lettuce greens, to just lightly coat the salad prior to serving. Or you can serve it as a dip. It’s excellent spread on crackers or with crudits.

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