Lobster bisque recipe

Lobster bisque recipe

Lobster Bisque – a traditional creamy and smooth hugely seasoned soup created from lobsters and aromatics that is a Valentine’s Day favorite entree or served as a 1st course. A dream indulgence of a five-star dining just in time for cozy date night at home!

The Specific V Day is all around the corner – yes I know. You can’t miss it ! Did you know Valentine’s Day is one of the most booked days at dining establishments, following to mother’s day.

By now, in my neck of woods, it’s currently too late to book anything at all. But am not going to fret about that – let hubby sweat it out. Am totally fine dining at house with this bisque here.

If all the the 5-star restaurants are booked then, this would be a great place to begin. This traditional Lobster Bisque recipe right here is as very good as these you spend for a hefty amount at a fancy schmancy restaurant without having the hefty cost tag.

Lobster Bisque is a classic entree of French origin. It’s a creamy, smooth and flavorful soup based on a strained broth from lobsters. But you could also use the identical technique with crabs, shrimps or crayfish.

Bisque is in fact a approach of extracting taste from crustaceans (challenging shelled-sea creatures) by simmering with aromatics to produce a deeply flavored stock, then strained out, simmered yet again and pureed.

The best part about this recipe is that it’s affordable. Rather of purchasing a entire lobster, you can use fresh or frozen lobster tails.

Guess what? Typically at this time of the 12 months Lobster tails are on sale $5-6 a piece. I just checked and most supermarkets have it on sale .

Bisque is produced employing rice as a thickener, here I utilised hefty cream – leftover from my other recipe. Cream is added at the end element of cooking thus resulting in a luscious soup with total essence of lobsters. To add one more layer of texture, this soup is topped with a buttery and creole-seasoned lobster meat . Oh YES!

And what’s a excellent warm soup without a minor kick of heat? Here, I also added my go-to homemade Creole Seasoning , plus a dash of cayenne pepper. AHHH, I did finish up an complete bowl just before I took these shots. You know, just to warm up my stomach.

Restaurant-good quality dining at home has by no means been this good. This would certainly impress your BOO! Make it a candlelight dinner with slow soft music in the background, a good wine annnd an incredible entree like this Lobster Bisque. Serve right away and serve with toasted French bread.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Suggestions and Notes:

  1. Lobster tails are normally packed in portions in the seafood frozen segment at most grocery retailers. If you use the fresh ones, straight out of the sea, keep it alive until finally the extremely last 2nd, which also implies that you have to dispatch it your self. It goes poor so effortlessly when its death.
  2. You may possibly swap white wine with brandy – it has a sweet smell and subtler presence. Or just a lot more keep , if you want to exclude alcohol.
  3. You can go for a final round of straining into a fine-mesh strainer proper soon after blending.

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