Meatloaf recipe

Meatloaf recipe

Why does my meatloaf fall apart?

There can be numerous factors why your meatloaf falls apart. The most common purpose is that your meatloaf doesn’t have enough binding agents. To support your meatloaf stay together add things in like eggs and bread crumbs since they are key ingredients that bind meat stick with each other. Another purpose why your meatloaf could be falling apart is that it is overcooked.

Do you have to place milk in meatloaf?

Milk is the preferred liquid for meatloaf, but there are some great substitutes if you do not want to use it. The explanation milk is additional in meatloaf is that it soaks the bread crumbs which add essential moisture to the meatloaf. If you personally do not want to use milk you can attempt utilizing lower sodium beef stock, chicken stock, water, or a non-dairy milk substitute.

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