Oreo fluff

Oreo fluff

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Straightforward Oreo Fluff Salad is a dessert salad full of pudding, Awesome Whip and TONS of Oreo cookies. It’s like an Oreo mousse but even much better! Bonus: you can make this into a Bodyweight Watchers recipe very easily by just substituting some of the elements!

Seriously guys I could just encounter plant into this recipe. It’s a bowl total of fluffy creamy pudding filled with Oreos…there isn’t much greater than that. I imply, don’t we all want an excuse to eat a lot more Oreos and add much more sugar to Oreos?

I adore calling this a salad recipe due to the fact folks shed their minds on Facebook each time I submit dessert salads. I get Fundamental Becky and Unfavorable Nancy screaming at me every single. single. time.

“That’s not a salad, that’s DESSERT.”

“That seems like diabetes!”


The greatest commenters comment in all caps with no punctuation. I adore them they give me daily life. Occasionally the troll feedback will get to me but most of the time I just laugh and say deliver it on a lot more remarks = far more engagement = more eyes on my submit.

Back in the day, this was named a dessert salad and I’m sticking to my guns on that one. There may be no fruit in this ambrosia but that’s okay I won’t eat fluff with fruit but I will inhale fluff with Oreos.

Straightforward Oreo Fluff Salad is a easy dessert salad with Oreos, pudding and Cool Whip. It’s the ideal summer season or holiday side dish!

There are so many Oreo fluff salad recipes out there but you ought to make this one particular due to the fact its ah-mazing. It was so great I even made Oreo Fluff Pie out of it! As a matter of truth, did you know that any leftover dessert salad can be turned into pie? (Pssst…I’ve done it with Watergate salad also!)

So, what is fluff salad anyway?

Fluff salad is an outrageous dessert that combines a few staples and helps make the best side dish or potluck recipe. I truly want to hug whoever came up with it fluff is such a versatile recipe and can be made in so a lot of ways. Fluff has a few standard components:

  • Pudding
  • Whipped topping
  • Marshmallows

Outdoors of these 3, the sky is the restrict. Watergate salad has pineapple and banana pudding fluff utilizes chunks of banana and apple salad has, you guessed it, apples.. I think conventional fluff salad has maraschino cherries and mandarin oranges in it, but all of them normally have individuals 3 fundamental substances.

Other than people, the components in fluff salad depend on the taste of the fluff. This Oreo Fluff Salad also has Oreos and you make the pudding with milk just before mixing it all together.

Simple Oreo Fluff can be made into a Weight Watchers recipe!

If you google Oreo Fluff, you’ll see that fat watchers Oreo fluff is a large point. I guess it’s one of people items that’s straightforward to convert into a minimal-sugar or sugar-totally free recipe.

As it’s written, this recipe is most definitely NOT WW friendly, but I did incorporate directions on how to make it healthier Oreo fluff in the notes of the recipe. Or you can make my Skinny Oreo Fluff which is WW pleasant.

Generally, to flip this recipe into a healthier or skinnier model, you just need to have to substitute the sugar-cost-free versions of some of the elements. Jell-O can make sugar-free pudding mix, Awesome Whip comes sugar-free of charge and so do Oreos!

However you make it just make it when you have organization or it’ll be difficulty. You’ve been warned!

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