Oven baked french fries

Oven baked french fries

I’m back from New York! Sunshine is streaming by way of my windows, Cookie is snoozing on the armchair and my air conditioner unit is humming. It’s excellent to be property. I’m nevertheless processing my trip—it was wonderful—but I’m not prepared to place it all into words just nevertheless.

Thank you all so a lot for your incredible meals recommendations, though! I knew you wouldn’t let me down. It was a whirlwind journey and I wish I could have tried every single single recommendation, but I think we managed to eat our way around the city.

One key takeaway from my journey is that great meals is great meals, no matter in which it is created. I’m just as pleased consuming Shake Shack’s crinkle fries in Madison Square Park as I am with Johnnie’s fries here in Oklahoma. And for the record, Oklahoma is not an unfortunate place to reside. I’ve returned with a renewed sense of appreciation for this spot.

Lastly, these baked fries may well be reduced in fat and more healthy than their fried counterparts, but they are unbelievably crispy on the outdoors and fluffy on the within. I only post exceptionally tasty recipes, y’all.

I feel like I owe these of you who offered ideas a fast rundown of what and the place I ate, so right here we go: brick oven pizza at Roberta’s in Bushwick, a sizzling canine from Shake Shack (when in Madison Square Park… consume a sizzling canine), authentic New York pizza at Carmine’s Pizzeria in Williamsburg, just about the whole menu at Momofuku Milk Bar in Williamsburg and Midtown (I experimented with the white Russian milkshake, a chocolate-chocolate cookie, blueberry and cream cookie, compost cookie, candy bar pie, pistachio and almond croissant—let’s pretend that I walked enough to burn up all that off) and an unforgettable eggplant sandwich at Momofuku M Pche.

We also tried bagels with lox and cream cheese in Madison Square Park (I’m not into lox), Cuban foods somewhere in Brooklyn, gelato and beer near Occasions Square and Indian meals in Queens. I can’t forget to mention the stellar minor plates of finger food and custom cocktails (like this 1) served at the Saveur Meals Site Awards celebration. Here’s a video of the occasion by lovely Aube, if you’d like to check it out.

I also had a grand time at Veronica‘s rooftop potluck. As you can envision, magical things arrive at the table when about 15 meals bloggers get with each other to share food and drinks. I’m nonetheless dreaming about Yossy‘s cheese sticks and strawberry pastries, and Veronica’s all-buckwheat, gluten-cost-free model of my crpes turned out marvelously.

Needless to say, my stomach is total and my thoughts is buzzing with recipe inspiration. I can’t wait to attempt cooking my own renditions of my favorite finds. For now, although, we’re going back to essentials with best baked French fries. I learned the method from the geniuses of America’s Test Kitchen. Their trick? A 10-minute soak in hot water prior to baking.

I could hardly think that baked fries could be so crispy, but it’s real. I produced a 2nd batch this morning with my new baking sheets just to be certain of it!

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