Polenta recipes

Polenta recipes

Creamy polenta is an wonderful Italian recipe of cooked yellow cornmeal in a seasoned broth and completed off with butter and parmesan cheese for the best side dish.

Creamy polenta is super effortless to make and is in essence the Italian model of grits. The number of differences are that polenta utilizes yellow cornmeal and grits uses white corn hominy. In addition, yellow cornmeal for polenta tends to be much more coarse. Whether you are eating creamy polenta or even polenta cakes, I know you will love this recipe.

No joke, I’ve been making this creamy polenta recipe for the longest time but for some explanation I’m just receiving it up on BillyParisi.com for the very first time. Talk about a ridiculously easy to make but tasty side dish to serve up at any meal. Most folks usually go with the standard rice or potato as a starch but they’ve been missing out huge time.


Producing this creamy polenta recipe is so amazingly easy that you’ll wonder why you haven’t created it just before.

Step1: It all commences with caramelizing up some chopped yellow onion and finely minced garlic cloves in a little sum of olive oil in a 6 or 8 quart pot. This can consider up to 10 minutes or so but will be properly really worth it when it comes to the end outcome of this tasty creamy polenta side dish.

You do not want a total caramelization but rather a light toasting on the onion. NOTE: It is absolutely okay to sub unsalted butter for olive oil in this cooking method.

  • CHEF TIP: If you needed to kick it up even far more you could caramelize up some mushrooms or root greens for the duration of this cooking stage as properly. The point I’m attempting to get at is that this creamy polenta recipe is malleable, customize is it to your tastebuds!

Stage two: When they onions and garlic are brown in a medium dimension pot in olive oil, include in the chicken stock and deliver it to a boil. NOTE: You can substitute the chicken stock for vegetable stock or even just water.

Step 3: When it is boiling pour in the cornmeal although vigorously whisking continually to guarantee there are no clumps in the polenta. Flip the heat down to medium-reduced. This is the most crucial stage of the entire cooking process since the cornmeal needs to be cooked without any chunks in it.

This approach can get anywhere from 15 to twenty minutes. NOTE: I desire to use a medium ground cornmeal to make the creamy polenta with because I like it to be a bit much more grainy, but that’s just so truly feel totally free to use a finer ground.

  • CHEF TIP: If you want this to be a super creamy polenta then use a ration of 4:one liquid to cornmeal opposed to three:1 that I used in this recipe.

Stage four: Once the creamy polenta is finished it need to be smooth with no crunch to it. At this point stir in some entire butter, Parmesan cheese and salt and pepper.


Even following studying all of this you may possibly even now be pondering what on earth is polenta manufactured from. Well as I stated earlier it is essentially the Italian version of the southern traditional, grits.

This polenta recipe is created from cornmeal, that’s it. Now the cornmeal utilized in this polenta recipe is a different bread of corn and is cut in a different way so it’s not a excellent one to 1 comparison but the taste profiles are extremely similar and the method is just about the exact same as effectively.

So the up coming time you see a package of cornmeal at the grocery shop, that is your initial stage to generating a creamy polenta recipe. This Creamy Polenta Recipe is super tasty and I guarantee so simple to make.

If you are sick of making mashed potatoes for your little ones, give this a try out it operates for us as our three yr outdated LOVES it!


Creamy polenta is not only tasty as a side dish but it also a recipe that performs great as a main component of a major meal.

For illustration, you can fold in roasted greens and chicken into a cooked creamy polenta recipe, or you can place some creamy shrimp all in excess of the leading of it.

I suggest to men and women to consider and use polenta as the base of a principal entree or as a side dish or eat it as it because this creamy polenta recipe is definitely delightful all by itself.


Oh yeah, if you adore this creamy polenta recipe then you will enjoy these sides dishes!

STORING AND FREEZING: Store this polenta in the refrigerator for up to three days. To reheat it add about one/two cup of chicken stock to it and heat it up over lower heat till it turns into creamy once again. Polenta will freeze covered in the freezer for up to two months. Do the very same approach to reheat, but initial make positive it is thawed out.

Bear in mind to check out out the phase by stage video below!

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