Screwdriver drink

Screwdriver drink

Screwdriver Drink Recipe

A screwdriver is one particular of the most popular alcoholic cocktails. What’s in a screwdriver drink? At the very simple, it’s produced with orange juice and vodka, but other substances can be additional to it.

Homemade screwdriver recipe is extremely straightforward, as lengthy as you have fresh orange and a bottle of vodka. You can also make it with bottled orange juice but freshly squeezed orange juice is the best. If you use bottled orange juice, make confident you acquire the ones without the pulps.

In any case, it’s a single of the simplest drink recipes for weekday or weekend brunch.

Why is a Screwdriver Drink Called That?

The identify “screwdriver” came about since the original device used to stir the cocktail was certainly a screwdriver.

I am not confident if it’s myth or a truth, but it’s simple, refreshing, cooling and you won’t come to feel guilty drinking a good deal of it due to the fact there is a lot of vitamin-C loaded orange juice in there!

Now, how to make a screwdriver drink? You just have to combine three elements together: orange juice, vodka (for instance: Smirnoff vodka) and ice. The ratio of orange vs. vodka are really important for my recipe, the ration is three:1. Sugar can be extra to the drink if you like it a bit sweeter.

Make a huge jug of it the subsequent time you host a summer time brunch get together. Get pleasure from!

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