Stuffed mushroom recipes

Stuffed mushroom recipes

Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms with Cream Cheese are the greatest tasty appetiser for any event!

Not only are these stuffed mushroom SUPER delicious, this basic recipe makes mushrooms taste so good! Even non-mushroom lovers Adore these Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms in a cream cheese dip!

Juicy and meaty on the outside, while creamy and full of flavour on the within, WITH Low CARB alternatives!


I’m not kidding when I say these are FILLED with a mouthwatering and special flavour. The flavours in the cream cheese dip alone will stimulate all of your senses. A touch of garlic, a hint of white wine, slice green onion. YES! Best flavours!


  • Attempt to discover white mushrooms massive ample to hold the stuffing. Keep in thoughts mushrooms will lessen in size fairly a bit, so the larger you find them, the greater!
  • White or brown mushrooms can be employed in this recipe.
  • Wash and pat your mushrooms dry with sheets of paper towel. Drying is critical as it will lessen the sum of liquid released whilst baking.
  • When you have them all stuffed, use a baking sheet or dish with sides so any liquid released does not get leaked in your oven.
  • Make positive they are in single layer, NOT piled on top of each other, when they go in the oven. You want them to cook evenly.

What can you stuff mushrooms with?

  • You can use mild, sizzling or sweet Italian sausage. You could also use chicken, OR YOUR favourite sausage in these! Just remove the casings and break them up to crumble them whilst frying.
  • White wine can be substituted with broth, or just leave it out fully. Getting explained that, the wine adds outstanding flavour!
  • Garlic. Add Far more if you like!
  • Green onions
  • Cream cheese and sour cream make these stuffed mushrooms ever so creamy!
  • Parmesan cheese: you can substitute parmesan with Gouda, mozzarella, or another cheese you like.
  • For a lower carb selection, leave out the breadcrumbs all with each other! You could substitute them with almond meal, but it is not needed.
  • If you uncover you have left more than stuffing mixture, use it to things mini bell peppers OR serve with crackers!

How Prolonged Do You Cook Stuffed Mushrooms?

Cook them (or bake them) for twenty minutes, or right up until starting to brown, then I like to sprinkle added parmesan on top prior to baking for a further 10-15 minutes, until the cheese is wonderful and melty.

Also, I broiled these for an further two minutes to get those crispy golden edges!

Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe

These stuffed mushrooms are just outstanding! With each bite, you get the crunch on the outside thanks to broiling the parmesan, then the soft and creamy inside, PLUS the additional juicy texture of that fleshy and meaty mushroom.

Great luck acquiring them out to your visitors with out attempting one 1st! It won’t happen.

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